• Here at Mark Ostrowski Computer Networking we specialize in high performance computers matched with complete office networking and website/email hosting solutions.


  • Computer models vary from the Entry Level to Extreme Performance machines which offer exceptional performance and reliability, all with prompt after sales service.


  • You can choose a model from our range of have one built to your own specifications. We will then tune and test your computer for maximum performance and reliability.


  • "Extreme Performance" systems utilize advanced water and "chilled water" cooling on all components. These methods allow system performance to be raised by 40 - 50% with complete stability and reliability.


  • For more info on what we do, please browse the site or contact us here.




* Complete networking services geared especially towards Small Business


* Troubleshooting and repair of all Microsoft Windows based computers and networks


* In Brisbane, Australia call Mob: 0419 640195