Home and Office Networking


  • Specializing in providing the small business owner with affordable and secure information sharing capabilities. If you are a small business with under 20 workstations, there is generally no need for expensive dedicated servers and overly complex domain infrastructure. Of course if required, we also provide Domain based networking design and implementation as well.


  • We can build a networking system from "the ground up" or update and integrate your existing network to allow for a hassle free and secure end user experience resulting in minimal downtime which ensures high productivity rates.


  • Wired or Wireless ? No longer a concern. With high encryption on wireless networks, we can incorporate both the wired and wireless transmission of data together and provide extremely high security to give you the piece of mind that your business and personal information is completely safe and most importantly, secure. Although wireless speeds now equal that of wired connections, we do recommend wired networks for reliability.


  • With ever changing workplace scenarios, we can setup a remote link to your computer at the office. Simply double click an icon on your PC at home and you can logon to office PC. Gone are the days of saving a file to a USB flash drive, copying it to your machine at home and then copying it back to your PC at work. Now you can access your work PC from home and use it as if you were actually there! This of course works both ways, so you can access your home computer from work as well.


  • We highly recommend the Microsoft Office 365 Exchange, Onedrive and SharePoint systems which store all your data securely on Microsoft's Servers and allow synchronization of your files to all your devices. This system is scalable to thousands of users and offers many varied services through the 365 product family.


  • Data backups can also be configured to third party cloud based servers which offer another level of redundancy and security.


  • As new technologies are constantly being developed, we can upgrade and update as required.