As the names suggests, The Reference computer offers the highest performance and build quality commercially available.

If you are after the Ferrari of the computing world, this is it. Completely custom built to virtually any user required specification and appearance. All top mounted intake fans have a custom washable filtered shroud using minimal resistance media to allow practically uninhibited air flow and a virtually dust free internal environment.

All this computing horsepower is cooled by advanced ambient or chilled watercooled technology using near silent PWM controlled Arctic Cooling pressure optimized fans to keep all component temperatures under check.

We take great care in keeping fan noise to a minimum. With a total of 36 x 120mm custom PWM regulated fans, this machine is amazingly quiet and generates less noise than any other ultra high end consumer computer system approaching comparable performance levels.


Price on Application

  • We can configure any Mountain Mods enclosure to your own specifictions. This is our recommended option as these enclosures are "upgradeable" to suit any future requirements or hardware changes. The model shown utilizes 36 x 120mm enclosure fans running practically silently. Fans speeds are totally regulated depending on load requirements.
  • Watercooling is provided by a dual Laing DDC Pro pump running into a Watercool MO-RA 3 Pro radiator with push/pull fan configuration. The CPU along with essential motherboard chipsets and voltage regulators are also watercooled to allow the full utilization of the motherboards overclocking capabilities. CPU speeds under this configuration can be raised to approximately 5.2 GHz depending on the choice of processor.


  • We recommend a "Chilled" watercooling system comprising a Hailea HC1000A chiller unit which feeds a 40 litre water holding tank as our preferred extreme cooling option. Using this method, every heat generating component is chilled to approximately 15°C ( Slightly above dew point ). This helps ensure absolute stability under all operating conditions. Under full power, this system can generate up to 1000W of heat and chilled watercooling allows this heat to be completely dissipated without the need of conventional radiators and supplementary fans, however these are installed as well for redundancy.


  • The Hailea Chiller is housed in an acoustically damped enclosure to minimise noise levels. Both the enclosure and holding tank are made to any required finish to suit your environment or can be housed externally sim ilar to an Air Conditioning compressor. Again, this option is recommended for the extreme enthusiast only and is developed and installed by us. Phase Change or refrigerated cooling is no longer a recommended option due to advances in processor architecture and thermal properties.


  • The motherboard, CPU, graphics and memory interface used in this system is under constant evolution and changes depending on new product releases from manufacturers. We don't just put the "latest" hardware into this machine. Each combination is thoroughly tested and optimized to offer the fastest and most responsive computing / gaming experience from a consumer computer system available.


  • Current hardware starts with a Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Master motherboard using an Optimus Absolute watercooled AMD Threadripper 3970x 32 Core processor matched with 32, 64 or 128 GB of G.Skill Trident RGB DDR4 memory. We then increase this performance to extreme levels, all with complete stability. These components are subject to change depending on performance increases offered by new hardware releases which are all thoroughly tested "in house" prior to inclusion in this machine.


  • Graphics performance includes single or dual Gigabyte RTX 3090 Extreme video cards which offer unparalleled video performance in every respect. All this graphics horsepower can be watercooled as an option to allow extreme overclocking for exhilarating gaming / encoding performance. Single, dual or triple DELL 27" UP2716D widescreen IPS monitors complete the graphics interface. Other gaming monitors are also available.



  • 2 power supplies are required to feed all this hardware.One Corsair AX1200i Platinum power supply is used for the Graphics System and another is used for all other hardware.